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Project: 10 Year #71


Project: 10 Year



I haven’t had long road trips before I met him. In Korea, I visited Busan almost every holiday when I was young, but Seoul to Busan is not a long trip; about 5 hours without traffic.

During our first road trip, we listened to each other’s favorite music and talked. For the second trip, we listened to a lot of podcasts. I found that podcasts were the best for killing time, but it prevented us from talking to each other a bit.

Also, I found out that driving without anything playing was nice too. I felt so much comfort in silence, fully aware of his presence. Next time we go on a road trip, I want to have this quiet time with him more.

What do you usually listen to in your car? My go-to music is 90’s Korean pop. I’m starting to understand my parents’ music choice during those trips to Busan.

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