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Project: 10 Year #72


Project: 10 Year



In summer 2014, he finally came back from Afghanistan for good.  We met at JFK and went to Virginia the next day.  The first restaurant we went to in Virginia was Buffalo Wild Wings.

Fried chicken is my comfort food.  My parents were both working when I was young.  When they were coming home late, my sister and I often ordered fried chicken for dinner.  The store’s lady knew us so we could order without paying.  My mom would pay on the way home.  I think because of that it became my comfort food.  And I can eat it very well.  If you see my plate after I’m done eating, the only thing you can find is a high pile of very clean bones.

After I got very comfortable with my husband, I stopped pretending to be a bit reserved and started tearing the chicken up.  He was surprised at first but now he likes to see me clearing them all.

One day, when he was still in Afghanistan and I was in New Jersey, I was talking to him via email.  Some reason, I was in a pretty bad mood.  I was complaining about something to him.  After about half an hour, somebody rang the bell.  It was delivery from our local fried chicken store.  My husband ordered it for me all the way from Afghanistan.  I was so moved and it still touches my heart.  I think this story will be one of our legends to tell our children later on.




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