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Project: 10 Year #78


Project: 10 Year



While waiting for the visa for Japan, we went to Korea.  We visited a museum in Seoul and saw great light installations.  My husband took a picture of me with one of the works.

Being photographed by someone, I’m looking at the person rather than the lens.  I often feel awkward when getting my picture taken by a professional photographer.  In the drawing, my gaze is neutral.  It shows how comfortable I was looking at him without any additional effort with an unnatural smile.

I often stare at the light in the house. When the light shines into the house, it shows it’s obstacles as a shadow.  Many times, I want to draw or paint those moments but they usually don’t linger long.  So I just stare at it or take a picture if I have a camera with me at that moment.  Shortly after, a new light comes in with a different shadow or disappears.

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