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Project: 10 Year #82



Project: 10 Year



Finally, The Japanese visa process went through.  To obtain the visa, we went to Korea again. It was a very cold morning.  Before we dealt with some business, we had a small breakfast at a coffee shop.  I drank a glass of hot green tea because I could keep the cup!  I loved this cup.  The size was perfect for me and I like glass cups. Unfortunately, I broke it.  It was just a cup but I was very sad.

The coffee shop was next to Chungea Stream (Chumgeachun 청계천).  It’s a long stream you can walk along.  The embassy is close to the stream.  After we were done dealing with the visa, we walked next to the stream to the hotel.

During the walk, we saw a small ice mountain with its peak made up of water jars.  I think it was a fountain made with used water jars.  It was too cold for the water and made this awesome sculpture.

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