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Project: 10 Year #89 and 90



Project: 10 Year


#89 and 90/100

We like to stay in the house and hang out with each other.  But one thing we like to do outside is hiking.  We bought a book of hiking courses that can be reached by train.

We usually take the first train and hike for about 3 hours and come back around noon.  I often cook Korean spicy fried chicken at night.  Since we spend a lot of calories, we can have this fatty food with a bit less guilt.

I love hiking. Even though I have a fear of bugs, I like to listen to the sound of nature in the mountains.  In the early morning, we can enjoy our surroundings without hearing other people’s voices.  We took a break from hiking this summer.  I can feel the temperature starting to drop.  We should pack our bags and go hiking soon.

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