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Project: 10 Year #100


Project: 10 Year



It finally came to the end. It’s been a long journey. It took me almost exactly one year. This project was harder than I expected. Not only because of the amount of work I had but dealing with my emotions. Like any other relationship, we have ups and downs. When things are icy between us, it was hard to work. I pushed myself to do it. While I was concentrating and thinking about the moment we took the pictures, I forgot why I was so upset. And I was able to look past my stupidity. It was therapeutic.

This project taught me about our relationship a lot. Where we started and where we are heading. We grew older during this time. One year doesn’t seem long. But each year, we were different and it piled up as a decade.
It’s still amazing to me that we met as strangers and became the most important people to each other. We have way more time left together than what we’ve already experienced. I’m very excited and grateful for our future.

I hope you enjoyed my project. If you had any chance to reflect on your own life and relationships, that’d be my honor. I’ll keep creating and try to share with you.

Thank you.

You can see the project from the beginning here: Here!

Artist statement for the project is on my website.

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