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Morning Sun

Gloomy morning Feb082019_sm.jpg


We recently adopted a dog from a humane society.  There is an elementary school near our apartment and I walk with my dog there every morning around the time the kids go to school.  As most dogs from shelters do, our dog has quite a few problems we are working on. But one thing he is good with is people.  He just loves everyone.  We don’t want him to lose that friendliness, especially with children.  So I go to the school in the morning and afternoon when I can manage the right timing.

One morning next to the school, I looked up and saw the sun. It was a very foggy day.  I love looking at the sun, moon, and stars, especially at odd times.  We often see the changing shapes of the moon but almost never see the shape of the sun.  That morning, I was surprised how round the sun was! (Such a weird realization)

Going out for my dog multiple times a day isn’t easy.  I often need to break from my work.  But I love walking with him.  It gives him joy and that gives me great happiness.  The chances to see beautiful moments throughout the day is a huge plus.

How often do you walk with your dogs?  Haven’t gone out with them yet today?  How about going on a stroll right now!

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