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Morning Ritual

Morning retualFeb212019_sm


First thing I do after I wake up if my husband didn’t do it already, take our dog out.  When we finish walking around our apartment complex, he runs upstairs to our home.  He knows.  It’s time for breakfast.  I prepare his meal while cooking some bacon and eggs for my husband and me.  After we all finish eating, my husband goes into the shower, I wash dishes, and my dog chews his gum.  When I finish cleaning, it’s time for my husband to leave.  We say goodbye with kisses and our dog begs for him not to leave.  After the door closed, I sit down on the couch with a cup of tea and a book.  Our dog lingers around me looking for some belly rub then walks to the fireplace, his favorite spot and lays down.  I read and he sleeps until the sun replaces our fluorescent light.

This is my early morning ritual.

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