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Spinach Omelet

Honbob_01_spinach omelet_sm


One of my favorite dishes for eating alone is spinach omelet.  I love eggs, greens, and cheese.  So this is the perfect combination for me.

Many people don’t like to eat alone.  For me, I enjoy eating alone as much as I do with company.  I used to watch shows when I ate alone but I stopped that a while ago.  It’s nice having a meal in silence.  I can think more.  I can concentrate on the food more.  Sometimes I don’t even have time to think because I’m so hungry.

But cooking for myself isn’t always fun especially if I don’t have enough time during the day.  Then, I always go for this spinach omelet.  I put tons of spinach in since its volume will reduce once it’s cooked under the egg blanket.

And hot black tea is my number one choice.  I love the bitterness of it.

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