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[iPad Drawing] Sleeping Dingo in his House

Sleeping Dingo in his house_sm

We bought this soft house for him last Winter.  During day time, he usually lay down in front of our fireplace.  But when we go to sleep, we don’t want to keep the fire on so our living room becomes a bit chilly.  So I found this wiggly house online.  He was a bit hesitant at first.  But with a couple of treats, he started going into the house and relax.  I planned to store his home away when the weather gets warmer.  But he keeps going in from time to time, so I just let him have it.  When it’s not cold, he usually lay down close to us.  However, when it gets dark, he lifts his melting body and slowly walks into his house.  I always wave at him to say goodnight, even though he will come right back out if I walk away for a second.

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