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Game playing husband and Dingo

Whenever my husband plays video games, our dog Dingo is always paying attention to him. When the game doesn’t go well for my husband, Dingo is there to support him. Any small sign of frustration, Dingo will put his paw on my husband and look at him with eyes as mellow as possible. One time, we all sitting on a couch. I was watching tv, and my husband was playing a game with a handheld console. All of a sudden, Dingo jumped off and went to my husband’s side to comfort him. I didn’t hear anything from my husband, so I thought Dingo was miss heard or something. My husband told me that he was getting frustrated and rolled his eyes without any sound. We laughed at our funny conclusion that Dingo heard his eyes rolling. Nobody can get mad at games under Dingo’s nose or ears.

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