iPad art

Weeping Giant Sequoia and a Red Car

iPad drawing

It was a cloudy morning. The sky looked like it would drop rain any minute but never released the water. Hot summer morning got so humid bring the sweat from me instead of the cloud. Everything felt so drooping, even this Weeping Giant Sequoia tree. It looked like looking around for some water. Probably I saw it that way because I was thirsty. When I got closer to the tree, I spotted a red truck parked next to it. That intense bright color lifted my mood. I walked the last bit of walk rhythmically to my oasis, home. Dingo also sped up with my changed footsteps.

Later that day, we finally got some rain, just enough to see the ground got darker. I hoped the tree got a fresh shower that it deserved. And I hope everyone had a good morning.

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