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My dog came to comfort me

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When I read a book or watch a drama, sometimes the stories make my eyes watery. Then, I’d whimper. My dog, Dingo, who was sleeping comfortably, wakes up so fast and comes over and comforts me. I’d pat and hug him, saying thank you, assuring him that everything is okay. He lingers a bit before going back to his previous spot to lie down again. But the tears don’t dry up quickly, and I’d whimper again. Dingo hurries to come over to me again. And this whole thing would happen a couple more times before my tears successfully disappear.

I’m not sure if other animals are so loyal to their human feelings, like dogs. Every time my heart gets heavy and hard, Dingo will come and melt it for me. So I decided not to get mad at him. It doesn’t make sense to get angry at him, who always tries to ensure my happiness.


According to my husband, the drawing doesn’t quite look like Dingo but looks just like him. He has these bright brown eyes looking through you, and when he does that, his head gets so long. I enjoyed making this drawing very much. I even laughed at it many times throughout the process. I captured one point that it looked like Dingo was wearing a mud face mask.

I wonder what other people see in their dogs that outsiders don’t see.

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