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Breezy Summer Picnic

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It was only recently that my husband and I started having a picnic at the park. We were more for trail walking and hiking that we forgot the joy of relaxing outside. We went to a nearby park some time ago and decided to sit under a tree to cool down. It was mostly for our dog, Dingo, because he’s not so great with the heat. We ended up staying there for a while.

After that accidental picnic, we’ve been planning for more. For the last few weeks, our area in Washington was affected by wildfire. Smoky air came and went, preventing us from enjoying the outdoors. Finally, the clear sky was back, and we decided to have lunch at the park.

I made some Korean rice rolls called ‘Gimbob’ and a Kong toy snack for Dingo. We sat down under a short but wide tree that created more shade. Having a meal outside always excites me. It feels like going on a field trip as a kid, especially with Gimbob, a must-have for Korea’s field trips. Dingo also enjoyed his little lunch, smacking his Kong around trying to take the food out.

After a simple but delicious meal, we laid down to enjoy the relaxing afternoon. The summer breeze was gently shaking the leaves, playing peekaboo with the shining sun. There was a construction site next to the park, so it was not so quiet. But every time the loud machine stopped, the birds chirping and the tree leaves clapping amplified.

Dingo’s nose was busy picking up any fun smell in the air. He was a bit alert with all the beeping and banging sounds from the construction but eventually calmed down and fall asleep between my husband and me. I fall asleep briefly, too. It was the sweetest nap in a while.

If you haven’t had a picnic for a while, how about this weekend?

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