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My Temporary Guide

iPad drawing

It’s been more than three weeks since I started my hospital life. The first half was rough. I couldn’t do much by myself, even walking. But thankfully, things are looking better now. I can feel that I’m getting stronger every day.

Now I have this little guide that helps me walk around. When I go home, I need to get one for home use. I know I’m won’t need it forever so, I was looking for some options to get it. I learned that there are some places where people donate medical equipment to have it at no charge. Then, after done using it, you can return it to the store for others.

Since I got sick, I learned so many people volunteer for people fighting for their health. It opened my eyes to help others more. I’ve been donating my hair every few years, but now I can expand to do more. I need to get better and give back the help I received!

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