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Comfy Dingo

iPad drawing

I thought I’d never leave the hospital. But after about a month, my body finally got strong enough that doctors were comfortable sending me home. When my doctor told me he wanted to discharge me that day, I cried. He seemed surprised since I was happy-minded most of the time. But, even though I was smiling, I always feared not being able to go back home any time soon. Here we are; I’m going home. Finally, finally, be able to be me again. And the biggest gift for me would be my dog, Dingo. I missed him so much, and pretty sure he did too.

My dog is an excited peer. So my husband and I decided to meet him outside first just in case of an unwanted urine bomb. We parked the car at the park next to our place. My husband walked home and brought Dingo out. I sat on a bench, waiting for him to recognize me. Kids ran around near me, which could be a problem since Dingo loves kids. As we expected, he got distracted by the kids at first. I started calling him, and finally, he saw me. He was jumping on me hard, making noises. I wanted to grab him and kiss him all over, but I had to refrain from it since my immune system wasn’t strong. What a shame that I can’t enjoy my dog’s love for hundred percent.

My husband noticed that Dingo seemed calmer since I came home. It made me feel calm, too, looking at him sleeping comfortably. I only drew sleeping Dingo from life, and I was too happy to do so again.

I still can’t interact with Dingo as I used to, but I hope he has peace of mind with my presence.

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