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Bright red flowers

iPad drawing
Bright red Don Juan roses are fully bloomed. Its base has grass and large stone blocks. Some parts of the grass have turned yellow. Early summer heat must be heating it. The stone bounces the sunlight creating white spots against greyish-blue color. Tall grass is stretching out the upper left of the roses. The roses’ leaves are depicted by one simple touch with dark and light greens. The flowers are so bright that it almost has a fluorescent pink vibe. A few flowers on the left are blasted with sunlight, telling you where the sun is up. If you look closely, you can find a left hind leg of a brown dog and the tip of his nose on the right bottom corner. He has a black leash drawn towards to middle of the bottom.

One of the fun things about walking in the neighborhood is looking at flowers from people’s front yards. Luckily, most houses in the community take care of the yard nicely. Some only have trees. One place has a large magnolia tree middle of the yard, and others have willow threes creating natural curtains for the houses. And many of them have various bushes of flowers. Nowadays, I see a lot of roses with classic red, yellow, light pink, and purple colors all around the neighborhood. Among them, a big bright red Don Juan roses caught my eye. It was deep rich red. The color became so bright and vivid when the sunlight hit it that it almost looked like fluorescent pink. I stopped to take some pictures and enjoy its beauty. My dog Dingo, on the other hand, wanted to keep walking. I noticed that he doesn’t stop at flower bushes. He seldom sniffs them, unlike him putting his entire head under flowerless bushes to smell and mark.

One time I got very fragrant flowers. I deeply breathed in its scent; it was warm, sour, and sweet. I kept returning to smell it. I wanted to enjoy it with Dingo, so I lowered one to let him smell it. Dingo sniffed a bit, then walked backward and sneezed a few times. I pushed the flower towards him then he turned his head away, telling me he didn’t like it.

It’s interesting to see that some things are pleasant for people but other animals. For example, a perfume scent can be lovely to us, but dogs hate the smell. I wasn’t big on wearing perfume, but I occasionally did to bring my mood up. But after I got my dog, I stopped wearing it entirely.

I remember one time I forgot that dogs don’t like perfume, and I wore it to the dog park. I usually interact with dogs well, but I was the least popular person at the park that day.

Even though my dog and I can’t enjoy the beautiful flowers together, being with him in the joyful moment makes me happy. The bright red roses might bring the tip of my lips up a little, but my dog makes them go all the way up to my ears!

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