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Acorn | Watercolor, gouache, color pencil, pencil, and crayon on paper | 9×7.4 inches (23 x 19 cm)

It was a blue morning. I sat on the bed for a while even though I was fully awake. It’ll be over 100 degrees later in the day, and I have a doctor’s appointment around noon. If I don’t take Dingo out now, there be no time to walk with him safely. I didn’t want to do anything. I was angry at nothing. Now I have another worry about walking. I sat there arguing with myself for 30 minutes. Finally, I put my feet down on the ground with a big sigh and changed my clothes.

I’m always amazed at how happy Dingo, my dog, is every morning. He comes over and licks my face to wake me up when he sees my eyes are open. Then he jumps off the bed and starts his day with a big stretch, his butt up in the air. It’d be so nice if I could begin my day like him. I thought. I left home because I knew it was good for Dingo and me, but I was still in a dark cave.

I let Dingo do his business before we left our apartment complex. Right before entering the neighborhood, he started sniffing the grass intensely. I gave him some time to enjoy. I stared at him, wondering what was so interesting to him. Then I looked up and saw a round nut right before me. It was an acorn. This young green nut was hiding between the leaves. I spotted it when the light shined behind the tree, making a spotlight for it. I found it so cute that my frowned lips when up for a smile.

All I needed to cheer me up was only this tiny acorn? I shook my head. Then I realized that it wasn’t the acorn. It was me. I decided to come out and found this joyful moment. I cheered myself up by pushing myself out of the dark cave. And while writing this, I also realized that I could wake up like Dingo. I can hop off the bed as soon as my eyes opened and put my arms high and wide to stretch. I’ll be the one who makes my morning good morning.

I hope everyone had a goooooooooood morning!

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