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My reading Buddy

There are a few of my favorite faces of my dog, Dingo. One of them is a blank stare like in the drawing.

I was reading on the couch, and Dingo brought his blanket, letting me know he wanted to come up. I placed it on the other end of the sofa to stretch my legs. Dingo is in a small-sized dog category. However, he is the biggest one in the group. He is too heavy for a lap dog. But he likes to snuggle. Anytime he has an opportunity, he lies down between my legs.
Even though he had a larger space to relax, he pushed his nose between my knees, demanding to make space for him. I let him settle in my leg-nest. He fell asleep, and I kept reading. When my husband came out to the living room, he liked the scene of my dog and me. He was about to take a picture, and Dingo lifted his head and gave my husband that blank stare. It’s almost impossible not to laugh at those eyes.

I enjoy my reading company a lot. I pat his soft fur from time to time to relax. His body kept me warm. Also, I smile when he makes noises and flaps his paws in walking motion in his dream. It never gets boring watching him dream.

Because of so much pain, I can’t do much lately. I decided at least read more. And my dog always keeps me company.